Carvings by Pete - Custom wood carvings. Carving all of your favorites out of wood. MSU Sparty the Spartain, Wizard, Fish, Custom Wood Chairs, Bears, and Eagles

He is a master at the art of carving. Request something similar to what has already been done OR tell him what you want and he will get it done to your liking.

Pricing for sculptures depends primarily on detail and time involved. Quotes are available by calling 269.279.9185 or email [email protected].

We offer "Welcome" Bears & characters 3 to 4 ft. tall. Personalized items are available and will cost more due to the extra time and artwork required.

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When ordering, a 50% deposit is required on all orders. Balance is due before shipping or picking up item.
On-site carving is also available. Theme chairs and benches are priced can be created on-site. All carvings and woodcrafts are one-of-a-kind and not "production type".

Call 269-279-9185 for a quote.

Styles and Prices:
* All pricing dependant on Detail, Location, Size, and Degree of Difficulty

I currently offer:
Fish Signs
Mailbox Holders



Contact Pete to Request Your Carving

If you are interested in a custom carving, please contact Pete by using the information below.

Phone: 269.279.9185
Address: 19391 Lakeshore Dr. Three Rivers, MI 49093
[email protected]

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